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With her down-to-earth style, Amy approaches clients with authenticity, insight and humor. She uses evidence-based techniques to help individuals bring out their own strengths, wisdom and motivation. While utilizing her years of training and experience in a wide range of clinical and community settings, she simultaneously meets each client as an equal and invites them to join her in being detectives to better understand the presenting issues and how to overcome them. She brings a spirit of camaraderie to the work as she and the client figure things out together.

About Dr. Amy Rosenblatt

An Open Letter from Amy

Amy’s approach is grounded in her commitment to social justice, diversity and inclusion. Her training and lived experiences lead her to focus on the cultural influences that surround each individual. She brings a strong understanding of aspects of identity and the impact of privilege and discrimination with regards to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious community, immigration status, age, ability and socioeconomic background. Amy's awareness of cultural factors and their impact often allows clients to feel more deeply validated and understood.

With more than a decade of clinical experience, Amy brings expertise in many areas, including sports/ performance psychology, anxiety management and working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to private practice, she works at California State University Northridge, providing group and individual therapy to college students, as well as serving as the LGBTQ liaison and the liaison to the athletic department on campus. Amy earned her doctorate at the well-respected Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, which specializes in the field of community psychology, focusing on social justice and working with marginalized communities.

Hi, I’d like to welcome you and tell you a little bit about my practice. For me, being a therapist is a calling; I’m passionate about this path as it allows me to work in a capacity that rarely feels like ‘work.’ I’d describe my therapeutic style as one of authenticity. I relate with clients with warmth, empathy and humor. Creating safety and trust is critical, and I’ll always value these aspects first and foremost. I work in a way that celebrates individual and cultural diversity, and it may be essential for us to explore family patterns, heritage, history and traditions.


I approach each client with the belief that they already possess various resources including gifts, knowledge, skills and abilities. I believe that our life experiences lead us to use our inner resources in ways that sometimes serve us well and at other times, cause stress, pain, fear or isolation. We often limit ourselves by not believing that we’re capable of more— more change, more love, more respect and more joy than what we’ve been allowing.


Through our work together, we can shine a light on what’s working and on what’s not. Practicing new coping skills, tools and strategies can also help someone navigate various demands and provide much needed movement forward. My therapeutic approach is grounded in Interpersonal Psychotherapy, which seeks to identify patterns in relationships and how they may be contributing to the roadblocks that led someone to seek therapy. When useful, I also integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to identify and examine negative thinking patterns, and collaboratively with the client, identify positive, adaptive thoughts to replace the old ones.


Starting therapy doesn’t mean that you’ll need to completely reinvent yourself; I believe that you and I can work together to help you become a healthier, more joyful version of who you already are. I very much look forward to hearing from you!


[Dr.] Amy Rosenblatt