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Anxiety is an umbrella term to describe the experience of feeling nervous, worried, fearful or panicked.  Whether we recognize it or not, the anxiety experience starts with our thoughts and can have a domino effect on our sense of physical wellness as well as on our emotions and behaviors.


Experiencing anxiety is not always negative; at low to moderate levels, it can help us with motivation and performance, but for many people anxiety reactions can happen more frequently during day-to-day tasks or social interactions and this can become a serious obstacle.


Amy genuinely enjoys helping individuals learn how to tolerate, cope with and overcome anxiety reactions so that they feel equipped to take on relationships and situations that previously seemed too overwhelming. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy and mindfulness practice, Amy's approach continues to assist individuals in getting 'unstuck' and in overcoming the obstacles that are part of the anxiety roller coaster.

Overcoming Anxiety

Group Therapy

For many years, Amy has offered specialized groups in managing and overcoming anxiety. Contact Amy for details about current groups that she is offering.