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With extensive training in Sports and Performance Psychology, as well as experience as an athlete herself, Amy is uniquely equipped to help individuals more easily navigate high standards and perform in front of audiences, as well as develop and maintain a public “face” or identity when needed. Amy helps individuals develop the skills necessary to strengthen their focus and precision, as well as their enjoyment and love of the process.


Like all of us, athletes experience highs and lows, as do non-athletes who are musicians, dancers, actors, public speakers, executives and others in performance or competitive roles. During the lows, we may feel uncoordinated, tongue-tied, panicked and lacking confidence, while during the highs, our thought process, energy and speech seem effortless, as though they just flow. Amy helps clients learn effective psychological techniques to help them spend more of their time in this experience of flow, with a strengthened sense of well-being and confidence.

Sports & Performance Psychology

Since 2011, Amy has served as the Liaison to the Athletic Department at California State University Northridge (CSUN). In this role, she regularly meets with collegiate athletes to address a wide range of mental health and performance concerns.  Also in her Liaison role, Amy has extensive experience consulting and collaborating with coaches and athletic trainers regarding athletes’ functioning and well-being. 


Amy also works a great deal with athletes and teams in the community and she has presented to high performing sports teams throughout the Los Angeles area. Amy recently completed several consecutive years of intensive training and consultation with some of the most well-respected pioneers in the field of Sports and Performance psychology.